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Watercolor paintings by Jacqui Morgan.


Jacqui Morgan's Journey — a retrospective monograph of the artist's works as shown in May 2008 exibition at the Society of Illustrators of New York — can be purchased from

In the early 1980s, Jacqui Morgan's work shifted again with the Broadway show poster The Tap Dance Kid into a dimensional realism with exaggerated color, light and shadow. In time, shifting to watercolor from Dyes, her works became juicier and more painterly.

In this mode, Morgan did covers for Land’s End, Wine Spectator and Eddie Bauer Home, among others. Clients included most of the Fortune 500 companies, Thai Airlines, Mikimoto Cosmetics and Yukijurushi Co. She has done packaging for BIC Corp. (lighters and pens), Nutra-Grain and Kellogs (cereal boxes), Stanley Roberts, Cuisine Cubes, Romertoff, and a line of ‘Naturals” (shampoos, conditioners and sprays) for Alberto Culver VO5.

Jacqui Morgan has illustrated quite a few Science Fiction anthologies, including Children of Infinity and Survival from Infinity. More recently, she illustrated The Healing Garden and Lights Along the Path. Award-winning animated commercials for companies such as Burlington Industries and General Mills are also part of her body of work as are a line of designs for dishware and a line of clothing for her company Mag-Jacs Inc.

In the 1990s, Morgan painted a series of giant watercolors in which the floral forms are more than two feet in diameter. The goal was to capture the essence of birth, life and regeneration.


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